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I’m coming back

I have a HUGE apology coming to all of you.

I’m not dead. Just life has temporarily overwhelmed me? Is the best I can state.

I love all of you. Expect a real post this week. I will revive this and things will be better!

Much love,
Jessie Ebersole

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Resurrection Tuesday: I Think I May Be Dying Edition

So I was not able to resurrect any knitting last night and I have a very good explanation.

Our air conditioner broke yesterday and it is 90 degrees in my house… I will not be knitting or sleeping until this is resolved.

Right now even just thinking about knitting is making me hotter…. I hope this is fixed soon.

P.S. I am really looking forward to snow right now. 57 days!!

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Knitting Is Not For Dogs

I am not sure who’s life I have been living these past couple of weeks, but I am happy to be finally getting back to my normal routine. I don’t even remember much of the last couple of weeks, just mental snapshots of moments that happened.

I will say that it all started with the puppy. Having him here was very stressful and a full time job. I had forgotten just how much attention puppies that have not been house broken need. Thankfully, that story has a happy ending: a good friend of mine came last Thursday and now he has a wonderful home with her. (I fully expect updates regularly like any good uncle would.)

The other major thing was that the roommates finally moved in! I will say I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy their company. They are people that I would have been friends with had I just met them through a normal way. I think the fact that I have enjoyed chatting with them so much is why my knitting life took a temporary hiatus. (The hiatus is officially being broken tonight; though I will not stand for anything less.)

I did finish the Trekking XXL socks in colorway 550. They are so bright and cheerful.

trekking 550 finished socks knitting frog me knot

They totally go with every outfit. This would only look tacky if they were not a beautifully handcrafted item.

trekking 550 finished frog me knot

My dogs also tried their hand at knitting! They wanted to make me something with the leftover sock yarn.

trekking 550 mess knitting frog me knot

I cannot even fully describe how far and wild across the house they strung this yarn. It was everywhere, even in ways I am not even sure how they did it. Such as wrapping it around a lamp pole.

wrap frog me knot

We are officially down to two months until our move!!! I am happy to say that we have secured a wonderful downtown apt with “mountain views.” We will see just how good the view is when we get there. I am more excited about the location! Just walking distance to everything and right next to a huge knitting playground park!

P.S. If anyone has seen Myrtle will you please tell her to come back to me, she is missed!


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A Mess

Things have been quite crazy around these parts. I have been working a ton of extra hours. Knitting has happened. I have a finished object. I’ll post about it as soon as things settle down. Right now I am currently trying to take care of this lost puppy that found his way home with us yesterday. It’s proving to be a challenge. But he is super sweet, too bad we can’t keep him.


I’m working a double on Wednesday so resurrection Tuesday will be postponed to Thursday this week.

I hope you all are doing well! I also hope things get back to normal soon!


Resurrection Tuesday: Chinese Finger Trap Edition

So this week I thought I would have a different spin on the resurrection theme. I will not be bringing back an old project that is hanging on for dear life, instead I have decided to attempt a pattern that I had given up on.

It just so happens that at about the same time I was starting to take my knitting more seriously, Ravelry was also created. Before Ravelry, my knitting options were pretty much just scarves and blankets. The lack of mens patterns and resources available to me made knitting a bit one dimensional. In the first few months of browsing the patterns and seeing all of the wonderful things people had created, I was very against socks. I just did not understand them. Why would anyone want to make socks? (Living in Mississippi probably did not help with my lack of desire to knit socks.) That was before I saw my first picture of the Jaywalker socks. I instantly fell in love with these socks.

This lead me down a very disappointing and frustrating relationship with sock knitting. Anyone who has knit the Jaywalker knows how unforgiving the fit of the pattern is. I think of it much like a chinese finger trap. The more you pull on it, the tighter it gets. On the other side, if there isn’t enough tension it becomes very loose.

Needless to say, I have attempted this pattern at least ten times. Each time it has either been so tight that it would not budge past my heel, or it was so large it could be used as a ski mask for a bank robbery. I even remember the last time I was attempting this pattern. Ryan and myself were sitting in the school library while he was studying and I was knitting on probably my fourth attempt with this particular yarn on this particular time. Everything seemed to be working out just right. It seemed to be fitting and the yarn was looking wonderful in the pattern. Then I turned the heel… Somehow after that the whole sock grew three sizes, just like the Grinch’s heart did at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! This lead to a huge fit of cursing and I am pretty sure that I cried actual tears of frustration. (Pro tip: screaming and crying in a library does not make people like you very much.)

So here we go, I am going to keep trying this pattern and take very diligent notes until I get a pair of socks that fit. I did some math: I usually make socks on 2.50 mm needles with 56 stitches (This is just the numbers that work for my foot, these should not be taken as a pattern to make your own socks, everyone’s feet are different.) The smallest size of the socks require 78 stitches since this is way more than I usually knit for my feet I should drop some needle sizes. That is the end of my logic and this should have been clue number one that I was wrong. I quickly grabbed my 2.00 mm needles and cast on 78 stitches and went to town. In comes clue number two that I was in for failure, the ribbing on the cuff was the absolute perfect fit. I ignored my best judgement after a few rounds of pattern repeats and just knit faster and with more determination. Well, attempt number one ended with expected results.

jaywalker attempt 1 knitting frog me knot

Yes, it is way too tight. So, my logic comes back in and I debate whether I should up needle size or up pattern size. I decide up pattern size and take my 2.00 mm needles and cast on 92 stitches which is two sizes bigger than my last attempt. I am currently just past the ribbing cuff and I am very much ignoring my instincts as I am already seeing this ribbing will be very loose on my leg and will not hold the sock up, yet I keep on knitting. (The yarn is Trekking XXL colorway 516.)

I have a feeling this is going to take a few attempts, but I am very desperate to have a pair of these socks.

In much more uplifting news, I used good maths to justify buying myself a dedicated knitting chair. This week we are having a couple of doctoral students moving in with us for a couple of months as they have a summer internship in town. Our living room currently only has a three person couch as a seating option. Four people and three seats just does not work out in a regular house. This is not a regular house as any knitter knows that they count as two people when sitting on a couch. Knitting requires room for not only yourself, but your pattern, yarn, and the hundreds of other things we have to have to knit. Thus, I give you my new knitting nook Tobey’s throne:

kniting chair frog me knot

It is so cozy and perfect for knitting. I just cross my legs lean back and knit up a storm while being cuddled by softness.

P.S. I might be working on a way to make these roommates justify my buying more yarn.

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Resurrection Tuesday: Quality Products Edition

So, this post is a day late because I had to do some field research before I knew how I was going to word this post. I can now say with confidence that the research told me everything I needed to know.

When I had originally planned the Ballband Dishcloths, I planned to make a set of six. This would mean I would make two opposites for each color. Well, I managed to finish four and I am totally okay with that.

ballband finished knitting frog me knot

In order to rationalize the fact that I didn’t want to make anymore know I was going to give a quality product I went to the stores and looked to see how many dishcloths came in a set together. What I found made me very happy. There were sets of six like I had thought, but the real treat was the fact that the “high end” ones only came in sets of four. There you have it! The better the quality the less there are of them. Also, I couldn’t knit any more of these if I wanted to because I cut up, burned and threw away ran out of yarn.

I really hope the recipient loves her very high quality fancy dishcloths.

While doing the field research, I may have also purchased a couple of things for myself. I have about three different notebooks that I have been using for my knitting stuff and it always seems that I have the wrong one with me when I need something from them. So, I bought a small three ringed binder and pens. I am happy to have something with paper I can take out and rearrange when needed, something about spiral notebooks and their inability to adapt makes them almost useless for anything serious to me.

notebook knitting frog me knot

Once I get everything transferred over, and my system figured out with it, I will post about it also. Something about getting organized makes me giddy inside.

P.S. Last night was Ryan’s first time every watching “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” I may be a little concerned about his apparent lack of a proper childhood. On the other hand, this was also my first time watching it as an adult and I must say, it’s content is a bit more mature than I remember. 

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I must be getting full of thinking very highly of myself here lately as everything I am working on currently has purple in it. Purple has long been used to show power or royalty, and it just so happens that I am in a purple mood as of late apparently. (However I may have picked a princess themed duck at my friends Kenducky Derby party this weekend, that doesn’t mean anything does it?)

It was completely unintentional that all my projects have purple, but since it has happened I feel there must be a reason for it. This lead me to the Wikipedia where I read the history of purple. It had the following things to say:
– Purple was one of the original colors used in cave drawings by Ryan cave-people.
– Apparently purple is not a real color as it does not have a wavelength on the color spectrum, it is instead just a mix of blue and red.
– Violet and purple are not the same colors.
– Originally purple dye was very hard and time consuming to make as it was extracted from snails. This lead to only the rich and powerful being able to afford purple clothing.
– Purple has been used to symbolize royalty, piety, vanity, artificiality, ambiguity, and mourning.

With all this knowledge, I knit on.

I knit some purple in my Trekking socks.

purple trekking sock kniting frog me knot

I finished the leg of those and am now at the heel flap. If only I could remember how many rows I knit to make the heel flap in the first sock I could get that done.

leg 2 trekking knitting frog me knot

I also knit purple on my cardigan outside, in eighty degree fahrenheit sunny weather.

purple kerouac outside knitting frog me knot

I then finished a whole repeat of the Yaacov sock swatch I am working with you guessed it, purple.

yaacov swatch 1 knitting frog me knot

Since it is my first time doing stranded color work I am being very diligent with my note taking.

I also noticed that there is, of course, purple in the blanket that is always mocking me sitting next to the couch. Oh, and I have decided to practice knitting English style and the yarn I randomly picked for that is purple and grey.

In almost unrelated news, it is time once again for Ryan and myself to watch the Star Wars series as yesterday was May the fourth. (I love a good pun!) We will be watching one Episode (in the correct order) a night, last nights was Episode IV: A New Hope. This is always a great time to get some serious knitting progress achieved because they are long movies. I do however need something mindless as I always have lots of questions even though I have already seen them. Expect some real cardigan production this week. (Except for Tuesday night as we always watch Rupaul’s Drag Race with a friend, and I have Resurrection Tuesday to do also.) Another fun purple fact: The character Mace Windu is the only one in Star Wars that has a purple lightsaber.

Oh gosh, its six o’clock pm already, I better get Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back started if I want to be in bed by nine.

P.S. Things I learned this weekend: mint juleps are basically just bourbon and the liquid inside glow sticks tastes horrible.

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Resurrection Tuesday: Don’t Scratch Edition

As you all know by now, I have a small habit of getting hurt. That being said, I had the misfortune of having a great weekend. I am probably one of a select few who can get a severe sunburn, slice open the bottoms of both of his feet, and get a sinus infection all within four hours. Yes, I am currently in a recovering state from a great time.

I was lucky enough to get a last minute invite from a friend to go out on a boat and watch the races on Sunday. I, of course, quickly said yes and went without any proper “ocean day” equipment. I had on a button up shirt, khaki shorts, and leather shoes. The things I should have had were swim trunks, flip flops, and a pair of sunglasses.

I was smart enough to borrow a little sunscreen, but not smart enough to reapply it every hour. This lead to the horrible burn I sustained. I most certainly will be peeling out of this shell of skin, much like the cicada do when they emerge every thirteen to seventeen years. This will not be a pretty thing, and I can already imagine the looks of disgust Ryan will be giving me as I walk around leaving a trail everywhere I go.

I was also not smart enough to think about walking around barefoot on a gravel covered parking lot after we got off the boat to go home. After four hours of soaking in salt water your feet tend to be a little more fragile then they regularly are. Working in the field I do, I have been in a constant freak out mode about them getting one of the incurable infections leading to the loss of a limb.

The past few nights of sleep have also been a weird, almost torturous event. Side effects from sunburn aside (hot flashes, cold chills, pain when touched, and headache to be exact), I have been having the most stressful dreams. Monday night we had a horrible set of thunderstorms; I am fully blaming them for my war nightmare, in which I was running around trying not to get killed in a war type scenario where the bad people had far more advanced killing weapons than the absolute no weapons I had. Every clap of thunder was a bomb exploding or a ship flying by. Then, on Tuesday I can only sum up the dream as this: Someone smeared poop from a toilet onto my face just a few minutes before I had a job interview. I will spare you all of the details, you are welcome. (Ryan was not so lucky.)

So, as you can only imagine, I have not been knitting since Saturday. (I am not counting all of the mental knitting I have done, which was a lot.) That being said, Resurrection Tuesday was spent trying not to move or scratch because I am now at the just getting ready to peel stage where your skin begins itching non-stop and you can’t scratch it because if you do it will set off a wave of fiery pain that I am sure is used for torture in some old country.

But, I do have knitting to show you!!!!! If you remember from a couple of posts ago, I had knit a swatch in grey and purple.

Kerouac yarn knitting frog me knot

(I left my camera at a friends house, so the pictures will be crappier than normal until I go retrieve it.) Well, those balls have already begun forming what will hopefully become the cardigan named Kerouac. I will probably never be able to pronounce this pattern, or even remember the name. I have made some progress though.

Kerouac cuff knitting frog me knot

Put in my first ever pocket. I had a bit of a fit at this part though. The pattern says to knit until piece measures x inches. I knit and measured in my lap and got to where I needed to be. Then, I stretched the piece and pinned it to take note of the stripe pattern for the pocket liners. (I am a perfectionist and had to have the pocket stripes match the exterior stripes.) My length shrunk by a little over half an inch. (I knew how this made sense, but it did not stop me from using three different rulers to triple check that I did not indeed have an incorrect ruler.) Now I have only made my own patterns for my fitted garments, this way I knew exactly how many rows I needed to make before a change would occur. But I am following a pattern now, and it does not tell me this or if it needs to be x inches stretched out or relaxed. Needless to say, I was already for the pockets and I put them in, relaxed measurement will have to do be what it means.

Kerouac pocket knitting frog me knot

Apparently on Saturday I felt the Spring season hard. I cleaned almost the entire house and washed seven a few loads of laundry. I may have also started a swatch for a sock.

Yaacov swatch beginning knitting frog me knot

It’s lime green and electric purple! It is also my first ever time knitting in fair isle. We shall see how it is supposed to go. The pattern is another extreme name, Yaacov. I can already say that I do not like knitting ribbing with two colors at one time.

I am going to try and ease my way back into some knitting tonight, we shall see how that goes. (It may or may not be something with purple in it.)

P.S. Sorry to those of you who have subscribed. I accidentally hit publish this afternoon when I was just jotting down a quick note as a reminder for my post tonight. Ignore that email if you haven’t already.


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Resurrection Tuesday: Very Big Plans Edition

All day at work I had mentally planned for my evening. I found a recipe to make, planned my knitting, and even planned some cleaning. All this planning should have let me known that everything was not going to get done.

I came home and got the cleaning I had planned finished first. Things were very much off to a good start. I then prepared my ingredients for the dinner I was going to make. I had made sure I found a quick single skillet meal that would not take too long because I had some serious knitting goals for the night and was certain I was going to get them done. I started the meal and went to get the next ingredient which was some chicken broth. I soon discovered that the broth we had open in the fridge from the last time we used it was out of date. This didn’t concern me too much because we always have a few boxes in the pantry. I looked and we of course had a box. What I soon realized was that we apparently bought it the same time as the other box from the fridge. It was expired also. I made a quick call to Ryan for him to get some on his way home from work and took all of the cooking off the heat on the stove and put things on pause. No big deal. I will just knit until he gets home and finish dinner.

I had already planned on what I was going to resurrect this Tuesday: some fiesta colored dishcloths. I had planned on making a set of six for a friend as a house warming present, but I only finished three of them.

fiesta ballband knitting frog me knot

I say finished, but I really mean I finished the knitting of them. The ends are a matter all of their own. Basically, they are finished.

Ryan came in while I was sitting on the floor knitting. I immediately stopped, grabbed the chicken broth from his hands and ran to the kitchen to finish dinner. That’s when this conversation happened:

Ryan: “Jessie, what in the world are you knitting?”
Me: “I resurrected the dishcloths.”
Ryan: “What are they for?”
Me: “A house warming present.”
Ryan: “Who’s having a housewarming party?”
Me: “We already went to it. You remember such and such’s house warming party?”
Ryan: “That was two years ago! Do they even still live there?”
Me: “Why, yes they do, and these will be perfect to make it feel like home!”

Yeah, I have let this gift slide by under the radar for two years. I have looked at it in the stash room several times, and each time (as I am reaching around it for some yarn I want to use in a new project) I think about how I need to finish them.

My goal for the night was this: I was going to knit the remaining three dishcloths and weave in the ends! It is totally doable. They aren’t very big, nor are they a hard pattern. I am a knitting machine!

In the end, I knit half of one.

fiesta ballband half knitting frog me knot

I’m such a great friend. The pattern is Ballband Dishcloth and I used various cotton yarns.

I will admit, I have totally dropped the ball this Tuesday, but in my defense I have been very distracted for the past couple of days. I have been mentally making huge lists of things to do to get ready for the move. Also, we will be having a couple of people staying with us the next couple of months, so I have been trying to get the house ready for that. I am just not on my A game right now.

But in old news, the hike was a safe success! There were no injuries, and only a single bug encounter. (A bumble bee was guarding a bridge. I wish you all could have seen Ryan’s face as he pranced across in a hurry.) Also, I have decided that my point-and-shoot digital camera just isn’t going to cut it for the quality of this blog. I am currently trying to figure out how to save up the money to buy a DSLR camera without selling my body. Either way, I tried to get some decent shots, and these were the best of the lot. (Sorry in advance for the photo overload, but why not, they only take a second to look at.)

tux hiking begining frog me knot

tux hiking pond frog me knot

tux hiking waterfall frog me knot

tux hiking nest frog me knot

This next one is my favorite that I got.

tux hiking canopy frog me knot

tux hiking bridge frog me knot

About half way through the hike the entire forrest was burned from a controlled burn they apparently did. It was both eerie and beautiful.

tux hiking magnolia frog me knot

tux hiking fire frog me knot

And finally, a couple of staged photos of Ryan and me.

tux hiking jessie frog me knot

tux hiking ryan frog me knot

P.S. Do not believe the lies of a “quick one skillet meal.” It does not actually go much quicker then any other meal therefore doesn’t add much knitting time to the evening. Also, enchilada pasta gives you indigestion.




So, as you may know I have finally finished the Froot Loop socks. These socks have been very dear to my heart because I am making them for a most deserving person. This person has recently fallen ill with a disease and needs all the love she can get. That being said, I did the only thing I knew to do: I knit for her. These socks were very slow going, (mostly because of the temptation of the affair socks) but they are finished. The colors are of the ocean, this is something she loves and I am happy I had the yarn to reflect something of beauty in this ugly time.

froot loop finished hanging knitting frog me knot

In my time of knowing you, you have always shown an interest in getting to know me and ask questions about what was going on in my life. I appreciated you more than you can ever know. I only hope that you know I put a lot of love and faith into these socks. I did not let any mistake go unfixed as these above anything else I have ever knit needed to be perfect.

froot loop finished knitting frog me knot

Even though I am leaving the area before your full recovery, I hope that my spirit stays in these socks long enough to see you through the tough times, as I know things will get better.

- Jessie Ebersole


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